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  Sequence of Play
The sequence of play to be followed in the 'Case Orange' variant:

Sequence of Play

Game begin Set-up both factions on map-board as per scenario instructions and place game turn marker on first turn position of game turn record track


Game turn begin  
First player turn begin First player resolves all friendly minefield attacks against second player units and decrements or removes friendly loading or unloading turn markers (see optional rule 'heavy equipment.')
Combat Phase Indirect fire segment All eligible first player indirect fire attacks are declared first and then resolved individually in sequence.
  Registration segment First player indirect fire registration markers are placed or refreshed.
  Direct fire segment All eligible first player direct fire attacks are declared first and in what combination conducted then attacks are resolved, applying combat results and inverting all firing units immediately; spotted markers are placed on friendly units firing within eligible opposing unit LOS.
Movement phase Vehicle movement segment
First player moves friendly, face-up vehicle units conducting and resolving overrun attacks as moved; spotted markers are placed on friendly vehicle units moving within eligible opposing unit LOS.
  Non-vehicle movement segment First player moves all friendly, face-up non-vehicle units desired and then conducts and resolves infantry assaults.
First player turn end
First player turns all friendly, inverted units face-up. Second player units with non-zero movement allowances have 'spotted' markers removed; all second player  'opportunity spotted' markers are replaced with 'spotted' markers.
Second player turn <Repeat entire player turn for second player
as shown for first player turn>
Game turn end Advance game turn marker one position on game turn record track, go to 'game turn begin' and repeat turn; if no more turns in scenario go to 'game end'.
Game end Determine victory conditions.
GENERAL RULE: The game is played in game turns, each player alternately attacking and moving in respective player turns; a complete game turn composed of two player turns. To begin a game place the game turn marker in position one (1) on the turn record track. Note: the scenario first player is identified at the turn one (1) position of the Situation Card turn record track.

Sequence of play must be followed exactly but players may choose which order of units conduct attacks and move individually.

Weapon/Target Matrix
The weapon/target matrix is used for both direct and indirect fire, this version is intended to restore a simple table in place of the later Weapons Effectiveness Chart (WEC) of Panzer Leader and Arab-Israeli Wars versions while retaining some of their useful features. We are also adding an original twist to previous treatment of artillery in direct and indirect fire.

Weapon/Target Matrix



Armoured Vehicles
(including 'C(I)' class)

(including 'C' class)

At half range or less

At greater than half range

At all ranges


(assault only)



















GENERAL RULE: All direct and indirect fire attacks use the weapon/target matrix to determine an 'adjusted attack factor' which is applied, along with terrain adjustments, to the defender's attack factor to determine a combat odds ratio for entry into the combat results table along with the roll of a single six-sided (6) die.

NOTE: In the case of '(H)' and 'M' class indirect fire attacks a separate attack is made at full value against each unit in the target hex, in succession. '(H)' and 'M' class units use their own respective entries in all cases, even when '(H)' class units are conducting direct fire attacks.

See indirect fire rule.

Shaun Appleby
v0.1 Revised: April 05, 2013

 1 For the purposes of the game 'H' class includes '(H)' class weapons conducting direct fire; 'M' class weapons use the standard entry under all circumstances.
Opportunity Fire
The original PanzerBlitz was marred by a rules shortfall which excluded firing at moving units. But can this oversight be remedied without making things worse?


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