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Table of Contents
bulletPlaying pieces
bulletRules and addenda

Revised Rules
bulletOptional rules
bulletCharts and Tables

Harmony of the Rulebooks
bulletOpportunity fire

Editor's Notes
bulletHarmony of the Rulebooks
bulletOpportunity fire
bulletIndirect fire

bulletDemo version
bulletUnit Counters


Playing pieces

Figure 1: Double-sided play-testing markers
 Free   Double-sided Play-testing Markers This sheet of markers for play-testing includes markers for the new 'dispersed' recording method, the optional heavy equipment rule and alternate wrecks with stacking denominations. These marker should be printed from PDF to original size and are designed to be double-sided for those with the skill to craft them. See Figure 1.

Double-sided markers will save fetching when adjusting, for example, 'dispersed' steps in each game turn. The same applies for optional loading or unloading spanning game turns and accumulating wrecks. This marker sheet is solely intended to be used for the play-testing phase of the project so please excuse the quality which is merely adequate.

Figure 2: Play-testing with Tac 3 map-board.

We hope to do a more professional edition in future when the rules have passed the user acceptance phase and are available for general use and free download.



Rules and addenda

NOTE: If you downloaded this before April 2014 you will need the new release. Anyone interested in participating in final round of play-testing should contact us now.

Figure 3: 'Case Orange' rulebook as printed
 Free   'Case Orange' Variant Rules of Play v1.4 Third beta release of the rules revisions. See Figure 3. Please be aware that this revision will be continue to change through play-testing beta period.

 Free   'Case Orange' Variant Optional Rules v1.0 Optional rules haven't changed so far but these are only suggested for play-testing until further notice; enjoy.

Please contact us to register for round three of play-testing.

Opportunity Fire
The original PanzerBlitz was marred by a rules shortfall which excluded firing at moving units. But can this oversight be remedied without making things worse?

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