PanzerBitz   Credits and References
Original game design: James F Dunnigan
Variant rules and editorial: Shaun Appleby
'PanzerBitz' name originally coined by: John O'Haver

Arab-Israeli Wars, Avalon Hill, Baltimore, 1978.
Desert Leader, Brian R Train, 2000.

Desert Rat Variant, Norman Beveridge, The Spartan, No 6, 1973.
Panzer Leader, Avalon Hill, Baltimore, 1976.
PanzerBlitz, Avalon Hill, Baltimore, 1970.
Steppe Leader, Brian R Train, 2000.

Shaun Appleby
v0.1 Revised: April 06, 2013

PanzerBlitz copyright Avalon Hill Company, Baltimore, 1970
Some rights reserved copyright Shaun Appleby 2013


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